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Avellimachi's want list

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Avellimachi's want list Empty Avellimachi's want list

Post  Avellimachi on Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:24 pm

Very simple really. Cats.

I'm vaguely new to the game and i have a few decks a good grasp of how to play, but its isnt the winning i enjoy so much it is the deck building and the novelty decks, so after I saw the two cat cards in a dark ascension intro pack my freind bought i have decided to create an all cat deck. Cat soldiers, cat clerics, cat beasts, any cats you have and I have a ton of backed up tradeable cards that I am doing nothing with Also any advice on how I could make such a ludicrous idea for a deck even half playable would be welcomed :)

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Avellimachi's want list Empty Re: Avellimachi's want list

Post  drmarkb on Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:12 am

Assuming you are playing casual and indeed one one one dueling, Cats is basically going to be W or WG. Cats have been part of magic in these colors for ages. Try gatherer for a list of cats- all the leonin in white are cats, plus older staples like savanah lions are cheap as chips.

If you want to stretch the point you could look at cats in artwork [see contagion, a black uncoomon from aliances], but basically you would be white green beats, probably backed up by the best equipment you can get as one or two of the first mirrodin block had cats that did stuff with equipment. The best equipments are probably sword of fire and ice, feast and famine.

If you want to restrict yourself to standard then there probably are not enough cats about to make it work often enough to be fun.


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