GargaGonnaGetYou [WIP]

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GargaGonnaGetYou [WIP]

Post  Rusty on Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:45 am

Just putting this here whilst i work on it.

A semi control, semi combo decklist that should be crazy stupid.

Notes for me to remember

Demonic Dread cascade into Living End or Restore Balance.
Violent Outburst.
Flagstones of Trokair for double sac

Day of Judgment/Wrath of god

Graveyard hate??

Murderous Redcap

Kitchen Finks


Oblivion Ring, Prison Term, 3 mana + removal.

Temporary decklist; Completely untested.

Big Win con:
4x Greater Gargadon

Utility Critters:
4x Kitchen Finks
4x Murderous Redcap

3x Day of Judgment
4x Oblivion Ring

4x Demonic Dread
2x Violent Outburst

Crazeh Stuff:
4x Restore Balance
2x Living End

2x Veinfire Borderpost
2x Wildfield Borderpost
2x Firewild Borderpost
2x Veinfire Borderpost

3x Flagstones of Trokair
4x Arid Mesa
4x Marsh Flats
4x Sacred Foundry
3x Mountain
2x Plains
2x Swamp
1x Forest

Plan is to play turn 1 gargadon, turn 2 try to drop 2 borderposts. turn 3 drop a cascade card hitting Restore Balance, respond and sacrifice all lands and artifacts to Gargadon, leaving opponent with nothing left on field.
Will still have land in hand.

Land needs heavy changes, may have to drop Living end.. SB plan maybe. Add extra sac outlets MB.

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