[DOMINATION] The more competitive version

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[DOMINATION] The more competitive version

Post  Rusty on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:16 am


An idea me and friends are working on; Feel free to help us out with ideas.

Players work in teams of 3.
You need a player to be the Overlord, and for each Team of players you need 1 person to play a Horde deck.

If there is more than 1 team, you will need a timer/stopwatch. Provide pen and paper.

In this example, we will have 3 teams of players.

Players choose to roleplay as a Planeswalker. They build their deck around that planeswalker; IE Ajani.
The player who plays as Ajani builds his deck around lifegain and leonin creatures.
The player who plays as Chandra builds a burn style deck.


The players have planeswalked onto a plane (in this example, Zendikar) overhearing rumours that an evil overlord has taken control of the plane, and they must fight to free it.


The Horde decks are 3+ decks created around themes/tribes of a given plane, or related to the Overlord.
So, say the Overlord is Nicol Bolas then you could have a Tezz deck, a Sarkhan deck, and maybe a Thraximundar deck as the Horde decks.
On Zendikar these tribes are;
Vampires, Kor, Merfolk, Goblins, Elves.
In this example the Horde decks will be Vampires, Kor and Merfolk

Team 1 fight against the Vampires, whilst Team 2 fights the Kor, and Team 3 tackles the Merfolk.

Each team decides which player of their group will fight first.

That player then begin the game against their opponent. (standard 20 life, 60 card game of magic). Start the timer.
They can concede the match if they fall below 10 life, but are no longer able to fight that opponent. The timer doesn't stop.

If the player is killed then that player is revived at 10 life once their teammates have defeated that Horde. (If any player is dead upon reaching the archenemy, they are considered revived but their life is not added to the final life pool - explained later)

If a player is killed or concedes, then another player of the team can step forward to tackle the horde.
The game resets, but the horde's life total stays the same as it was at the end of the previous match.

If/When the players have defeated that horde, the timer is stopped. Write down how long it took them to defeat that Horde.
They then move onto the next Horde.

Players do not reset to 20 life at the end of the fight. The players are then rewarded with 10 life points to distribute amongst their team.

A player who finishes the round at 20 life or more, resets to 20 life before the team is rewarded at the end of each round

If all the players lose then that team has lost.

If all teams lose;
The Overlord has won control of the plane and the plane is stooped in darkness (think New Phyrexia)
If the teams ever return, then the plane will be vastly different, more dark and sinister with tougher opponents as the Archenemy has taken hold on the plane.

The players then planeswalk to a different plane.

Once all the teams have either been defeated, or have defeated all 3 of the Horde decks then the team with the fastest time goes first against the Overlord.


The players now take their remaining life totals and add them together to form a 3 headed giant team (player 1 had 15 life, player 2 had 23 life, and player 3 had 11 life, the teams final total for the last round is 49 life)

The Overlord plays an archenemy deck designed around cards from that Plane, and is playing to control that plane. If the Overlord is defeated then the players win back that planes freedom.
Maybe the Archenemy could be a Commander deck, with the archenemy being the Commander of that deck

If the Team defeat the Overlord, then they become the controller of that Plane, but then have to fight against any remaining teams (in order of fastest time)
This team's life total becomes 60, and they play with the Archenemy oversized cards.

The team with the second fastest completion time then gets to challenge the new Overlord Team.

This continues until all the teams have completed their final match. Whichever team is the Overlord has dominated that Plane.

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