[DOMINATION] Role Playing Archenemy tournament

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[DOMINATION] Role Playing Archenemy tournament

Post  Rusty on Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:18 am


An idea me, French and Helen are working on; Feel free to help us out with ideas.

You establish X number of players, lets say for example 3 players. You write a story about these 3 planeswalkers have planeswalked onto a magic plane (in this example Zendikar).

Players choose to roleplay as a Planeswalker. They build their deck around that planeswalker; IE Ajani.
The player who plays as Ajani builds his deck around lifegain and leonin creatures.
The player who plays as Chandra builds a burn style deck.


The players have planeswalked onto Zendikar overhearing rumours that an evil overlord has taken control of the plane. The Narrator (also the Archenemy) presents a basic (or detailed if you like) map of that World, and places the players at a starting point.

The players decide which direction they want to travel in to head to a specific marked town or area and the Narrator explains what happens here;
ie: If the players move to a town, the Narrator gives a short explanation about the town, and tells the players that there are Merchants here, and a person with information regarding the Overlord/Bad guy/Archenemy.

If the players move to an enemy they can be ambushed by a tribe of that region, and the players have to defeat that tribe to gain information and are rewarded with [money/points] to be spent on Merchants in the town.



The players have encountered a horde who follow the Archenemy. They choose one of them to fight against the horde in a 1 on 1 game of Magic.
ie in Zendikar the tribes; Golbins, Kor, Elves, Allies, Merfolk, Vampires.
The player then begin the game against their opponent. (standard 20 life, 60 card game of magic)
They can concede the match if they fall below 10 life, but are no longer able to fight that opponent.

If the player is killed then that player is out of the game until they can be revived. (If any player is dead upon reaching the archenemy, they are considered revived but their life is not added to the final life pool - explained later)

If a player is killed or concedes, then another player of the team can step forward to tackle the horde.
The game resets, but the horde's life total stays the same as it was at the end of the previous match.

If/When the players have defeated that horde, they gain useful information to advance to another area on the map.

If all the players lose then that Plane is lost. The Archenemy has won control of the plane and the plane is stooped in darkness (think New Phyrexia)
If the players ever return, then the plane will be vastly different, more dark and sinister with tougher opponents as the Archenemy has taken hold on the plane.

The players then planeswalk to a different plane.

Players life totals do not reset after games, the players have to use money/points they have earned on the plane to purchase Healing potions from a town to heal themselves.

Some towns may have a black market, which will accept life points as a form of currency, where players can purchase resurrection scrolls and information.

Once the players have fought their way across the plane and found the whereabouts of the Archenemy they group up to tackle the Overlord.


The players now take their remaining life totals and add them together to form a 3 headed giant team (player 1 had 15 life, player 2 had 23 life, and player 3 had 11 life, the teams final total for the last round is 49 life)

The Overlord plays an archenemy deck designed around cards from that Plane, and is playing to control that plane. If the Overlord is defeated then the players win back that planes freedom.
Maybe the Archenemy could be a Commander deck, with the archenemy being the Commander of that deck

If the players win control of the plane, they can decide what happens. If the players decide to turn evil then they can Dominate the plane and choose to control it.
If a new set of players decide to tackle the plane to save it from the new overlords, then the "evil" players play as the tribes and choose which one of them acts as the Archenemy.

If a player decides to save the plane, then the story progresses to another plane with a new Overlord.

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Re: [DOMINATION] Role Playing Archenemy tournament

Post  M.J.Mallard Esq. on Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:44 am

Okay, I think I've got it, but I'd like to give it a real go some time just to see how it works. Could be fun although I imagine it will take a few test runs to get it going smoothly.
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