SPECIAL ARCHMAGE - Monday 14th November

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SPECIAL ARCHMAGE - Monday 14th November

Post  Rusty on Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:13 am

Confirming for Monday 14th November.

Two Headed Giant Archmage (8 people needed for event)

Teams will be randomised at the start of the event. Players can bring multiple decks and choose which deck their playing after they get paired up.

Teams will start with 30 life (Rules adjustment for Serra Ascendant, teams with Serra Ascendant need to hit 40 life to trigger its ability)

To save confusion for this event, all players will be considered to be Non-Top 3 players (so simple 3 point win, -2 point loss, 1 point draw rules apply to all players)

If we don't have 8 players signed up for by Friday 11th, then it will be Normal Arch Mage.

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