Hey folks, Rusty here.

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Hey folks, Rusty here.

Post  Rusty on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:18 am

'Lo all, I'm Rusty.

"They're out to get me.. The tinfoil keeps them out of my brain"

I'm 24, supposedly a graphic designer and a bit of a MTG nerd :lol:

My favourite decks include white weenie (lots of small white creatures working together) and Red White control decks (combining white and red removal with big bomby finishers)

I've been playing magic since just before Zendikar was released (September/October 2009) and pretty much dove straight into the competitive scene. At the moment I seem to be one of the notorious "bad guys" of Carmarthen Magic with everyone aiming to beat me in a game :lol: but thats mainly because I've been playing longer than a lot of the guys and gals here.

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